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A Superior Box Build to Precisely
House Your Device’s Electronics


Every day, it seems, new needs, challenges, and opportunities are revealed in which the solutions require innovative electronic designs. These designs are powered by advanced software and user applications and supported by the latest in hardware design. But there is another critical element of this product development cycle that is often overlooked—the enclosure or box build that will contain these new electronics.

While it may seem like a box build assembly is a simple matter, quite the opposite is true. Box builds must be carefully constructed to meet the design specifications as well as any applicable safety requirements. Additionally, box builds must be built to house all of the printed circuit board assemblies, user interfaces, and the interconnecting wire harness assembly together with a perfect fit.

Where other vendors may be able to competently build one of those pieces, at VSE, we regularly build all three. This uniquely positions us to understand all of your needs and requirements to provide superior PCB box build assembly services.

Box Builds and Electronics Assembly—All In One Place

Many vendors can provide box building services, but very few have the expertise to build and test the electronics that go into the boxes, as well. This may force you to work with multiple vendors to get all of the pieces of your device assembled, which opens up the risk for miscommunication, errors, and delays.

When you work with VSE, all of the major components of your electronic device—the PCB, the wire harness assembly, and the box—are built under one roof. This offers you several benefits:

Data coordination:

As your electronics vendor, we work together with you to verify all of your design data at the beginning of the project and alert you of any problems. Coordinating design data with just one vendor instead of juggling multiple vendors and managing different sets of data allows you to spend more time focused on your design.

Hardware compatibility:

Employing multiple vendors can sometimes result in compatibility issues going undetected until all of the pieces are brought together late in the manufacturing process. When you have your PCB, the wire harness, and the box all built at VSE, you don’t have to worry about finding that some assemblies won’t match up with their counterparts. We build and test all of your system components to work together seamlessly with your box build.


Working with a single, experienced vendor that understands how electrical components interact with each other and that can catch and correct problems saves you debug and troubleshooting time.

Serial development process:

At VSE, all of the components for your device are built concurrently, allowing you to enjoy the benefit of a parallel development process. You don’t have to wait for one vendor to finish their portion of the project before handing it off to another.

Your box build assembly is more than just a box—it is an integral part of your entire electronic device. As such, it requires a high level of expertise in its construction so that it can do all you designed it to. Fortunately, at VSE, we have the experience and industry expertise you need.

Complete Electronics Expertise for a Range of Box Builds

At VSE, our customers have come to rely on our high level of expertise and experience in the precise assembly of printed circuit boards. We provide that same expertise and experience in the box builds we assemble. Our PCB box build assembly services support projects with a range of specifications:


We can manufacture box builds that fit in the palm of your hand or up to the size of your kitchen refrigerator.


Some of the boxes we build are small containers for simple electronics, while others have been large chassis equipped with racks to hold multiple circuit boards.


We have built boxes that run on less than five volts, all the way up to boxes that run on more than 30,000 volts.


We’ve built boxes with less than 10 connections in them, while others have more than a thousand terminals that we interconnect together.


Most of the box builds we assemble contain PCB assemblies and cable and wire harnesses that are also built here VSE. We can also incorporate other OEM electronics into a box build, such as power supplies and control panels, to complete your electronic device.

Ready to get started?

Box Build Assembly with an Emphasis on Quality

Throughout the building of your electronics, you can rest assured your project will have our complete attention. Here’s a brief glimpse of our process here at VSE:


Starting with the sub-assemblies we build for you, such as the circuit boards and wiring harnesses, all pieces are built and tested to ensure their operational perfection.

Box Build

Next, the assembly of the box starts at the bottom and is built all the way up with an emphasis on quality. We pay strict attention to your specific instructions so that labels, wire routing, critically torqued screws, and continuity test points are inspected at each level of the build.


Finally, your project is fully tested according to the test specification we develop based on your input to ensure that your box is returned to you complete and error free.

Trust VSE’s PCB Box Build Assembly Services for Your Next Project

With more than 30 years of experience building electronics, we’ve built many different types of devices over the years. You can be assured we have the technical skills and capabilities to build your electronics box build assembly exactly the way you need it.

We also have a deep understanding of the electrical and safety requirements to which your box build must adhere. Our engineering staff and factory technicians are fully trained in applicable industry standards, including UL508a, so you can be confident your device is built correctly.

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