Semiconductor PCB Manufacturer Qualified in SPC & Copy Exactly

Precision Assembly Following the
Strictest Quality Requirements


If there is one way to describe the semiconductor industry, it’s “results-driven.” The industry depends on the continuous, 24/7 production of integrated circuits, meaning downtime simply cannot happen. As a semiconductor OEM, your success equates to your ability to ensure your customers won’t experience downtime due to capital equipment failure. Your equipment must be efficient, effective, and standardized—and that starts with using the highest quality printed circuits boards within it.

At VSE, we have perfected, documented, and certified our manufacturing processes to meet the PCB assembly needs of the semiconductor equipment industry. We’ve mastered the stringent requirements your industry demands to ensure we’re delivering the reliability and repeatability you depend on.

Our Commitment to Statistical Process Control

From the moment you send us your supplier evaluation, to meeting with us for the on-site audit, our commitment to statistical process control (SPC) and adherence to the strict requirements of the semiconductor industry is evident:

  • At our facility, we measure the effectiveness and efficiency of every step in our manufacturing process and validate the results to ensure we’re meeting our target. Doing this, we achieve a low cycle time without compromising quality.
  • Our ISO 9001-certified quality management system ensures we maintain standardized control in all we do.
  • Being an SSQA audited and approved supplier ensures we actively pursue continuous improvement throughout our facilities.

As a result, our semiconductor equipment PCB manufacturing processes are guaranteed to maintain and improve on the level of quality you witness during your initial on-site audit. It also allows us to comply with the ultimate semiconductor industry standard: copy exactly.

Proficiency in Copy Exactly Methods

With SPC in place to monitor, control, and improve our processes, we are poised to implement your copy exactly (CE) methodology requirements. As an approved vendor for your organization, we will do the following to meet your CE needs:

CE-certify employees and suppliers. All employees and critical suppliers are trained and certified to copy exactly methodology. We’ll designate representatives from each major department at VSE—including purchasing, engineering, manufacturing, and quality control—to complete your CE standards training. Additionally, VSE assumes responsibility to provide CE training for our suppliers.

Practice the most stringent methods for design and engineering change requests. We apply the most standardized control for your builds and strictly adhere to all of your change control policies. Our sophisticated systems ensure your assemblies are manufactured to your exact specifications every time.

Maintain all assembly records. We recognize the semiconductor industry needs complete historical records of each assembled product. We maintain the integrity of that documentation for the lifecycle of your assemblies.

Our years of experience serving the semiconductor industry have yielded us a great amount of industry-specific knowledge. That, combined with our copy exactly proficiency, puts us in a position of leadership among semiconductor PCB manufacturers.

Partner with the Leading Semiconductor PCB Manufacturer

At VSE, our many years servicing semiconductor OEMs have allowed us to build a deep understanding of the industry, its terminology, and the requirements for assembling its PCBs. Our staff has been trained in CE requirements, and we have integrated SPC and the CE methodology into all of our procedures.

Our manufacturing processes are fine-tuned to expertly manufacture the low-volume runs required by our semiconductor industry clients, from new-technology prototypes to years-old designs. You can have your boards built tomorrow or many years from now with the confidence that you will get the same exacting level of quality because of our experience, skills, and adherence to your CE requirements.

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